Christian Hospital Chandraghona     
Message from Medical Director

CHC has been here for the people of the Chittagong Hill Tracts for more than 100 years. I deeply honour the many people, especially the missionaries from BMS, who have dedicated their lives to serve the people in this remote place. One can only imagine how isolated it was for them, not only in the early nineties but, (considering the sometimes turbulent history of this place) even in the more recent past. CHC still offers quality services especially for the poor and ultra-poor, not only in the hospital but also to the communities directly. Without Godís help, great teamwork and prayers from our friends all over the world, this would not be possible. There is so much more we at CHC would like to offer, but our resources are limited. We need help from everyone to provide more services and allow us to reach out to more needy people. I am grateful to all the individuals and donor organisations who give generously of their time and money to allow us to carry out the work we do here.

Profile of Medical Director

Dr. Mong Stephen Chowdhury was born at CHC, and grew up in the village of Chandraghona which he has known all his life. Following his secondary schooling at Fauzderhat Cadet College, one of the best schools in Bangladesh at that time, he studied Medicine at Christian Medical College & Hospital in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India, and graduated MBBS in 1989. After his internship he undertook Leprosy training in Karigiri, Vellore and a period of Leprosy clinical work in Sylhet under the direct supervision of Dr Ian Cochrane, before returning to his native Chandraghona to work as a Medical Officer at CHC, where his father, Dr S. M. Chowdhury was then the Medical Director. At that time he was one of only 2 doctors at CHC, and he remembers it as one of the hardest -working times of his life!

After completing his MSc and Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health in Developing Countries in 2002 with a thesis on aspects of Malaria from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in London (UK), Stephen returned as Medical Director to CHC, where he has been working to the present time. He also has a Masters degree in Business Administration (Major in Human Resources), from Preston University, USA., and has been a member of a five-person United Nations Development Program (UNDP) exploratory Health Mission to the Chittagong Hill Tracts. He was also a Community Health Consultant for the UNDP Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Facilities, which set up the health component of the programme in CHT under CHTDF-UNDP.

He has been the instigator of many new and challenging initiatives at CHC including the highly successful Community Health Program which is now entering its 4th year, and the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between CMC Vellore and CHC in 2007 which now enables staff of CHC to complete 6 month secondments in Vellore for their Continuing Professional Development.